Araji: Iraq is able to protect the air space
On: Wed, 17/11/2011 15:53

Baghdad _ Fares Sharifi
A member of the security and defense committee parliamentary Qasim al-Araji, there IS the ability of Iraqi forces in control of the skies over the U.S. is expected to leave after the end of this year.
He said in a statement (the citizen) that "talks are under way to determine the most important needs of the Air Force and Air Defense for the purpose of building defense system integrated within the next two years, especially the Ministry of Defense contracted effectively with the American side for the purchase of aircraft (F-16) to strengthen air and there will be other deals similar in the future with the United States or European countries like France and Italy, advanced and Germany, "and added that" next year's budget will allocate large sums to the Ministry of Defence for the purpose of strengthening the capacity of the country's defense of arming, training and other logistics task "