Oil Expert: Iraq is capable of producing (13) million barrels of oil per day
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hamza said oil expert jeweler that Iraq has the capacity to produce more than (13) million barrels of oil a day, referring to Iraq's inability to export this quantity is related to the outside of OPEC
The jeweler said in a statement to the Agency (news) said on Wednesday that Iraqi oil fields big and bulky and could produce more than (13) million barrels a day, because the oil companies are considered one of the first companies to develop the oil industry in the world
He attributed the oil expert's failure to Iraq to export such a quantity of the outside, because the oil is consistent with the requirements of the global market need to add the oil that Iraq has a restricted quota prescribed by the (OPEC) to export oil to the outside
Jeweler and called the federal government to negotiate with OPEC about increasing the quota for the export of oil as a result of what Iraq has passed through during the years of failure to export and development of oil fields
Jeweler and predicted the coming years will see significant economic growth in the case of investment funds belonging to Iraq and spent in the right places, and necessary and not wasting the issues of less importance