Iraq allocates $ 250 million for joint projects with the United Nations

16.11.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) Sumerian News / Baghdad announced director of the UN Development Program in Iraq Wednesday, the Iraqi government has allocated $ 250 million to fund joint projects in 2012, indicating that the program will focus on fighting poverty and creating new jobs and public sector reform. said Peter Batchelor during a press conference in Baghdad that "the Iraqi government has allocated $ 250 million for 2012, budget balance," adding that "the aim is to use the money to do joint projects between the government and the United Nations and other international partners" . He Batchelor said it "is unique because most governments expect to be funding from the United Nations or the World Bank." and will spend the UN Development Program about a hundred million dollars of his own money in Iraq next year. He said Batchelor, "The United Nations Development Programme focuses on fighting poverty in Iraq, "pointing out that there is" more than 23 percent of Iraqis live in abject poverty. " He continued that the program "focuses also on the economy moving and behind the new jobs, as well as government action in terms of reforms to the institutions in public sector. " Iraq has signed on 21 March of the year 2011 a memorandum of understanding and action plans related to the activities of development with three agencies of the United Nations in Iraq is the UNFPA, and UNICEF, and UNDP of the United Nations to implement the strategic action programs for four-year span of in 2011 to 2014, including the activation of the capacity of Iraqi institutions at both the federal and local levels, particularly with regard to economic development projects such as statistics, child care, maternity and others.

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