Maliki announces imminent referral budget 2012 to the Parliament and emphasizes international agreement on the payment on credit
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Wednesday, that the budget for fiscal year 2012 will be forwarded to the House of Representatives soon, while stressing that many States have agreed to the implementation of projects in a payment on credit.
Nuri al-Maliki said during a conference of governors and heads of provincial councils held the Cabinet that the budget focused on the operational side, which Ajhdha much.
He attributed the reasons for al-Maliki to increase the operational expenses of the many claims upwards, pointing out that the government had hoped to be given the investment opportunity in the budget for the reconstruction of the provinces.
Maliki said that there is a committee working on the intensification of the budget in order to increase capital expenditures to be 30 per cent, "pointing out that this requires the imprisonment of many of the operating expenses.
Maliki said the government is seeking to compensate for the shortfall in investment expenditures, project infrastructure, pointing out that many countries, including Germany, Japan and South Korea agreed to implement strategic projects on credit payment method. 1YjktYWMxMWU1MjVkMWI2Gsx9JLzY1GNxm7tWedti3w8CI4Y1) )/