Britain engaged in the debate about the oil contracts in Kurdistan
Wed, 16/11/2011 6:37

Translation / Abdalkhalq Ali
The opposition of the central government to deal with Exxon Kurdistan region could undermine the efforts of former President of BP Tony Hayward - Chairman Valaris now. Britain was deeply involved in the escalating controversy between the governments of the center and the Kurdistan region on the controversial contract with Exxon Mobil.

For his part, called the UK Ambassador in Iraq, Michael Aaron the parties to end the escalating controversy about the contracts for the Kurdistan Region.
He said: "We urge both governments to resolve their differences and reach agreements on gas and share the revenue."
This was interference by Michele Aaron in front of Prime Minister Barham Salih, Kurdistan during the first conference of the oil and gas held in Erbil.
And that what was announced last Friday about the Exxon agreement with the provincial government, would threaten any hope of agreement on the oil between the two governments.
And companies such as Valaris gamble in the production sharing agreement signed several years ago with the Kurds and approved by the Baghdad later. But the deal, Exxon could destroy this trend. Terms of this agreement has angered the government in Baghdad because the post in the Exxon oil deal is completely separate in the south of the country.
Previously described the central government Kurdish agreements as illegal, and warned on Sunday that it would take legal action against Exxon. For his part, Barham Salih said he was confident that the deal will not impede the Exxon steps to agree on the oil law, but he referred to "ethnic cleansing" old and "genocide" committed by Saddam Hussein and his regime against the Kurds.
Already warned that Rubaie, former national security adviser and a member of the Iraqi parliament, Mr. Barham Salih, to approve the deal and said that senior officials in the Iraqi government warned Exxon to continue this approach. And political analysts wonder whether Exxon has got a hint hidden from Baghdad to continue with Besafqatha Kurdistan, and they claimed that the "controversy" is only to please the critics inside Iraq.

I've put Valaris company - which will change its name this month to the ENEL power - and their efforts in drilling rights obtained in Kurdistan without the approval of the Federal Government of Iraq. And said Hayward - former head of BP, who lost his job after the issue of leakage in the Gulf of Mexico - The intervention of the Government of the United Kingdom was helpful, the British Vassador urges the parties to try to reach solutions.
But some Iraqis see that defended Aaron is an attempt to settle the situation in the north of the country in support of British interests other large, as one expert said: "The British do not want to see American companies like Exxon are plundering the wealth of the north, while fears of BP and Shell to go to there because they do not want to upset Baghdad. " Kurdistan has suffered decades of failure to invest its resources in light of Saddam's rule, but the U.S. geographical surveys think that there is approximately 45 billion barrels of reserves in the region, making it the fourth largest oil depot in the world after Saudi Arabia and others.
The company Genel already producing 50 thousand barrels of oil in Kurdistan, a hundred thousand a day, and has plans to double production in addition to the construction of a pipeline will enable it to export gas via Turkey.
It was hoped to announce a U.S. oil company Chevron for a deal soon to move to Kurdistan, while the fever increased merger and acquisition prices of small cap stocks listed in London, such as Afrin and company Hertg oil with its involvement in the oil of Kurdistan.