Kurdistan Region can export gas to Europe via the Turkish Ceyhan
16/11/2011 13:26

Erbil, November 16 (Rn) - Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region, the region will not wait directed more foreign companies to invest has to implement his plans to export gas to European countries, noting that it is possible to export gas to Europe via pipeline Ceyhan, according to site "The Nahenal" the UAE.
The Web site published a story quoting drastically as saying during a conference of oil and gas kicked off last Sunday in Erbil, that "in case it is not the completion of the construction of a pipeline Nabucco is scheduled to transmit natural gas from Turkey to Austria in time are likely to resort the Kurdistan region to export gas to Europe through has to Turkey's Ceyhan pipeline. "
Hawrami added that "the region was trying to exploit its natural resources through the export of gas to Europe has," noting that "the region will not wait for more direction from foreign companies to invest has to implement his plans to export gas to European countries."

The length of the pipeline gas Nabucco 3 per thousand and 900 km at a total cost estimated at 7 billion and 900 million euros, which prevents the completion of the project soon, but my company (or. M. In) Austrian and (R. Double U. E) are putting the blame on the German governments of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan not to complete the project on time.

The number of oil wells in the Kurdistan Region of 40 wells, while the region sits on the reserve of crude oil is estimated at 45 billion barrels and 100 to 200 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, putting the region in the category of large oil-producing countries.