Exxon Mobil drilling under Barzani's headquarters
16/11/2011 9:56

Erbil / Orr News

Reported leaked details of a deal with Exxon Mobil province of Kurdistan, said the company is prospecting in 6 areas located along the Iranian border, and some are located near the headquarters of the Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani.

According to the report of Iraq's oil is an international consulting organization specializing in Iraq, the six sites are: Alqosh sector, which is located directly west of Sheikhan "handled by Gulf Keystone Petroleum," and is located northwest of the city of Arbil. The work in this field referred formally to the company Comet Group but withdrew due to shortcomings in its development.

The second sector is Bashiqa, and is located just south of Ain ​​Sifni, "Hunt Oil Co.", South East Alqoush. Berman and Gaza, and is located directly north of Mullah Omar, "OMV". Located within this region and the headquarters of sites belonging to the Kurdish regional president Massoud Barzani.
There is also a sector Betoata, and is located directly east of Silk "Marathon" and directly north of Hkurok "Hess Corporation".Qarahanjir and Gaza, and is located directly south and south-west of Chamchamal "companies Dana Gas / Crescent Petrolam / or MV / OMV." The sixth is the sector which is located directly north and north-east of Arbat "Chamaran." This is the region that have not been officially named yet, is located along the border with Iran, including Penguin Crossing the border is important.

He has work in these sites and natural resources minister in the Kurdistan Regional Government, Ashti Hawrami Sunday morning during the work of the Conference of the CWC oil and gas in Kurdistan. Hawrami said the deals "signed and completed on 18 of October," October, "2011", stressing that "this is the final signature."

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