Khalidi: the agenda of the Parliament will be full of important bills

Baghdad / babysit - The member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the decision of Mohammed al-Khalidi that the parliament's agenda will be full of important bills that will be introduced in the parliament sessions at the resumption of its meetings.
Said Khalidi told the news agency of public opinion (and babysit) on Tuesday: "The Parliament will resume its sessions next week after the end of the holiday the second legislative term and there is a group of important draft laws on its agenda the most important discussion of the issue of withdrawal of occupation forces from Iraq." Noting that the issue of withdrawal of occupation forces from Iraq occupies the first rank of importance for the political blocs. "

He said al-Khalidi, "The subject of the claim form regions for a number of provinces will have a share of the topics to be addressed after the resumption of Parliament reconvened next week." Noting that the implications of this issue on the domestic situation is very important, as well as discuss the problems faced by the provinces. "

He Khalidi: "There are more than 70 laws are not enacted yet and all these laws need time and the meetings of the Parliament for consideration and read and approved." Noting among other topics of interest is the subject of the budget in 2012, which is of great importance to the political blocs " .

He Khalidi: "There is no contradiction in announced topics to be discussed by parliament, all of them are important and necessary and can not in any way approved any law without political consensus." Stressing that the political process based on political consensus and thus can not be any law to see the light without this consensus.;م\