Commander of the Air Force asserts that Iraq sought to buy a second set of F-16 U.S.
Date: Mon 11/14/2011 8:39

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Commander, Air Force Lt. Gen. Anwar Amin said the government intends to expand its fleet of aircraft reconnaissance in the near future and that he hoped the signing of an agreement to purchase a second set of F-16 aircraft by next year.

Amin said that the construction of an air force very complex process depends on several factors, including insurance cover, financial and human capacity as well as time.
He added that the Secretary of the Iraqi Air Force already operates a fleet of sophisticated surveillance aircraft owned by a very small number of countries in the region.
The plans announced by Lt. Gen. Anwar Amin on the sidelines of a conference before the opening of the Dubai Air Show on Sunday, in the context of Iraq's efforts to gradually move away from reliance on U.S. air support