Saleh: We will not let our fate at the mercy of bureaucratic Baghdad
Date: Monday, 11/14/2011 11:15

Erbil / term
The presence of a large number of companies and investors in the oil and gas sector, held its CWC British, yesterday a conference in Arbil, about oil and gas in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, he stressed the President of the Government of the Territory that the success of the Kurdistan region is not only a success for all of Iraq, and that the production of one barrel of oil in the region over Iraq's oil production and revenues. He said Barham Salih, oil was in the era of the reason for the periods of great suffering inflicted on our people and a source of destruction, and we hope today that the oil is a factor for development and reconstruction, he said, adding: That the people in this region can be used through this wealth optimally and is aware that oil is used in the service of the people and the reconstruction of the country, march toward the future of a developing and prosperous.
On another, Dr. Saleh said, "We have had a difficult few days, and today, after that we passed those days, the people of Kurdistan deserve to benefit from this precious wealth."
And about the importance of the conference, the head of the territorial Government, that the holding of this conference in Arbil, the capital, evidence of the confidence of calm and security enjoyed by the Kurdistan region, and an effort to revitalize the infrastructure of the economy of Iraq and the Kurdistan region, and the development of natural resources in the country, especially in the oil and gas, declaring that Government support to revive the region's infrastructure and economy to encourage foreign investors and companies in this important area, and said Barham Salih, we will be linked to the interests of the countries of the world's stability and growth of the Kurdistan region. The Chairman of the Government of the Territory to "today we are witnessing remarkable progress," adding: "We want this year to raise the rate of our production of oil to 175 thousand barrels per day", declaring: "We are committed to the Constitution and the constitutional basis of Iraq in the oil and gas, and we constitutional right to us as a region for the management and production of oil and gas, "noting:" We will not let our destiny be again at the mercy of the bureaucracy in Baghdad, we do not want to see again that the bureaucracy that we have seen in the past. "