High Nassif: splits will occur in Iraq ... Allawi and the withdrawal of which will lead to harmony with the state law
Sun 13/11/2011 12:18

Baghdad (news) .. I expected MP / Iraqi bloc white / high Nassif to get split and disintegration within the coalition in Iraq because of the differences between various leaders on the issues crucial to Iraq, noting that the problem between Iraq and the rule of law and personal withdrawal Allawi of Iraq will lead to harmony with the Iraqi rule of law.
Nassif said in a statement (for the Agency news) on Sunday: "I expect to get split and disintegration in Iraq because of differences in attitudes towards crucial issues of Iraq and away from the Iraqi electoral programs that have been put forward for the Iraqi public."
The Nassif: that Iraq moved away from the objectives and principles for which it was founded, the Iraqi National Project and today calls for leaders to form regions away from the most important principle of the coalition in Iraq is the unity and sovereignty of Iraq, accusing Iraq's implementation of foreign agendas, saying: When you go to a meeting to go according to the agendas of Foreign Affairs.
She pointed to: that Iraq moved away from its national project, despite the presence of many members of the Iraqi and some leaders are opposed to these trends, and continued Nassif: that the conflict between Iraq and the rule of law has become personal when the withdrawal of Allawi of the Iraqi will get the harmony between Iraq and the rule of law. Earlier, the MP denied / coalition in Iraq / al-Dulaimi, a full, having the intention to leave the Iraqiya list, denying also that there is a trend in the menu instead of electing a new president for its current president Iyad Allawi.
Dulaimi said in a statement Sabak (the news) that the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi, and everybody is convinced the performance of Allawi, there is no intention to elect a president Bdlaanh, indicating that the mass which was announced under the Msma / correct / does not mean defections from the Iraqi List, but there are some errors in the political process must be corrected.
Dulaimi said in all the political blocs occur overzealous and a difference in visions but they do not vary the general approach of the block and no one can get out of the general approach.

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