Well it seems strange that Japan just left Iraq and M is going there on Sunday....this coming Sunday.........hmm do you think he will pay some of the loans back while he is there?

Maliki's visit to Japan next Sunday

13-11-2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment - Baghdad (news)

Begins Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's official visit to Japan on Sunday 20 of this month and last for several days during the meet with Japanese Prime Minister and a number of officials.
A source in the Prime Minister (of the Agency for the sons of news) on Sunday: that Maliki will start an official visit on Sunday, the next day on 20 of this month to meet with Japan during the Japanese Prime Minister and a number of officials there.
The source added: that al-Maliki received before noon today, the Japanese ambassador in Baghdad Susuma Hascowa and discussed with him the preparations for his visit to Japan.
The source pointed to: that al-Maliki stressed that Japan stood dramatically with Iraq during the past eight years by giving them loans and contribute in all areas.
He said: that al-Maliki assured the ambassador that it would invite Japanese companies to enter the Japanese and investment in Iraq, contributing to the build.

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