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November 17-last shipping date to troops in Iraq
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Susy Raybon
, Military Community Examiner
October 29, 2011 - Like this? Subscribe to get instant updates.

The military is shutting down zip codes to Iraq as of November 17.

Anyone sending troop support to soldiers inside Iraq be advised that packages shipped to addresses with military zip codes won’t be accepted at the U.S. postal Service nor will they be delivered to your intended warfighter. (Check with USPS for specific details.)

Geographic zips codes to include Al Asad 09333, Balad (Anaconda) 09391, Mosul 09334, Victory 09342, Tikrit 09393 and the like will be discontinued as U.S. troops leave that theater of operation.

The last parcel post shipping date for boxes going to deployed warriors for Christmas in other parts of the world is November 12.

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