Commission on security and defence in the Iraqi Parliament investigating allegations about the sale of the post of Defense Minister
12-11-2011 | (Voice of Iraq) «Middle East»: US warplanes remain at base

Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa
A day after the Chairman of the Committee on security and defence in the Iraqi Parliament Hassan Al-Sunaid to last us fighter aircraft had left Iraq Wednesday, saying that any aircraft violating Iraqi airspace will be starting Thursday will be dealt with in accordance with international obligations, Member of the Commission on security and defence in the Iraqi Parliament on Kurdistan Alliance Mohamed Taha told chuan for «Middle East» that «has confirmed information from the leadership of the Iraqi air force fighter planes and helicopter fighter still exist in the Air base West of the country with the aim of protecting the Iraqi airspace until the end of the year».

Taha said that «news which talked about the withdrawal of the last American aircraft from Iraq after the handover of a country not true» «that a US aircraft in the air base is part of the u.s. commitment to protecting Iraqi airspace under an agreement signed between the two countries». In response to a question on how the protection of Iraqi airspace in the absence of Iraq's possession or fighter aircraft, an air defence system, "Taha was integrated under the US commitment to Iraqi airspace will be protected by us and by us bases in neighbouring countries, notably Kuwait and Turkey».

She had several reactions on remarks he had made Chief Iraqi Babiker Zebari on non-readiness of Iraqi air force until the year 2022. Zebari said the Iraqi Defense Ministry would not be capable of defending any third-party attacks before between 2020 and 2024, and explained that the decline in government funding of the main causes of the delay, and that Iraq will not be able to defend its airspace before 2020 at the earliest, adding that an army without air cover is an open pit. But Iraqi Defense Minister Saadoun al-dulaimi said the Agency is responsible for security in the provinces will be exclusively operations leaders, however, said the Iraqi armed forces ready to maintain security by 90%. Dulaimi told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting with leaders of provincial operations via video in HQ land forces and theatre «I should be working smoothly between you and components of the security forces, and have your work with the District Councils and Governors», «operational command will be responsible for security in the provinces». Dulaimi said that "the readiness of the Iraqi armed forces psychological and moral and material is 90% which is capable of extending security and defeat terrorism, and if US forces do not okay to add 10% of this readiness».

Furthermore, at the time still arming contracts concluded by the Iraqi Defense Ministry raises more doubts after detecting the parliamentary integrity Commission on wasting hundreds of millions of dollars either corrupt or weapons which deals with the sums received bribes, said Al-Sunaid Committee was formed to investigate what it called "collusion» Tawafoq Iraqi dealers on the sale of the post «former Defense Minister Abdulqadir millions». Al-Sunaid said in comments published Sunday that "investigative Committee was formed in the light of the information contained in the peace front's leadership alzobei». He added Al-Sunaid: «recent alzobei's remarks about relationship compatibility rule constituted a great shock to the political process that some leaders are still part of the Government». The alzobei has served during the Government of Nouri al-Maliki first Deputy Prime Minister before withdrawing the Tawafoq Government following sharp differences with the United Iraqi Alliance. According to statements made by alzobei television recently it was confirmed that former Defense Minister Abdul Qadir al-Ubeidi and with millions of dollars have been sold. Denied a leading former Tawafoq disbanded after Iraqi coalition and the integration of new formations in the list headed by Iyad Allawi denied that «a front role in this matter regardless of whether true or not». The leadership said, who asked not to mention his name or his leadership that the «share the Ministry of defence then share the national dialogue Council, which was led by Khalaf Olayan is a post to labidi without compatibility later formed the national dialogue Council and the people of Iraq and the dialogue has nothing to do with this subject, regardless of whether it is true or not».

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