Al-Maliki emphasizes the unity of the country and support provincial powers

He met a number of members of the House of representatives and the Governor of Salahuddin
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki should support and strengthen the role of provincial powers in the process of reconstruction and development.
He greets the formal library yesterday members of the House of Ahmed Al-Aribi qutaiba high Nassif, the Governor of Salahuddin Ahmed Abdullah Al-jaburi,
The seriousness of the current phase, Iraq faces challenges at home and abroad, could pose the idea of the territory at present risks to the country's unity and stability.
The Prime Minister had called on the Karbala Governorate during his visit last weekend to build a cohesive and unified country and based on justice and equality, the Constitution and the law and fundamental freedoms, sovereignty and independence.
"The most serious sectarian policies is experienced after we the people and harmonious coexistence of all its components, but sectarian bhamdllh kobrt and ended up under the national reconciliation and the role of clans and civil society organizations, writers, poets, artists and athletes reflected"
Al-Maliki said that the "orientation towards the establishment of federations and territories is unconstitutional, but the choice of time for this command is very important, and it must be under national unity and commitment to the country, we have seen people stand when Saladin refused this demand and kept the unity of their country."
He stressed that "it is not possible to increase the voice of dictatorship, and seeking to reorganize themselves to this goal must declare their repentance of ideas." Expanded details, p. 2
In the same context, a member of the Board of Salahuddin province, persistently preserve its provinces under the Constitution, said Board member on the Iraqi list alioui guarantor for "morning" Hazza: "conservative Council continues its administration of the territory of the administrative, economic, not political, under the right guaranteed by the Constitution to the provinces to establish territories enjoyed considerable financial and administrative independence from central authority."
The provincial Council would consult on the invitation of the Prime Minister blamed Attorney qutaiba Al-Juburi of the Department of conservation and the Council after the holiday.
Hazaa, said to have preserved many demands and benefits for children of maintenance had not been implemented in the past period despite the many claims, as well as dubbed "the policy of exclusion and marginalization" practised against conservatism, limited financial allocations and career levels and other reasons which prompted conservative to claim a territory.
The Salahuddin province seeking behind this step to becoming an economic unit in order to keep people enjoy some independence, development and improvement of their living taking advantage of existing wealth, noting that the establishment of the Salahuddin province and other regions will achieve decentralized administrative and departmental grants greater powers to increase civil and urban projects that are in the interest of the citizen, as saying.
Meanwhile dozens of clan elders and traditional families spend alsharkat Salahuddin Thursday to express their rejection of the decision of the provincial Council in its territories.
He described Kirkuk Governorate Council Chairman Hasan Turan assurances Prime to extend provincial powers the job step.