Valid from Washington: the participation of all components is the only solution to the outstanding issues

The Kurdistan Regional Government President Saleh to the participation of all components in the political project in Iraq is the only real solution and all outstanding issues, he stressed that Kurdistan is part of the peace in the region.
He met Saleh during his current visit to Washington, the Foreign Ministry building, William Burns, US Assistant Secretary of State for political affairs, Thomas naides Assistant Secretary for Administration.
During the meeting, attended by Samir Sumaida'ie Ambassador of Iraq to the United States and Dr. Ali Sindi, Planning Minister in the Kurdistan Regional Government representative territorial Government wekobad Talabani, in Washington, examine overall developments in the region and the political situation in the Middle East and of the variables.
Assistant US Secretary of State stressed that Kurdistan advanced and successful model, as seen from the evolution of security, stability and prosperity due to the constant.
For its part, the Chairman of the territorial Government a presentation of the overall situation in the region of Kurdistan.
Also, he said that Kurdistan is part of the peace in the region, and has good relations, and everyone knows that Iraq Kurd role in the political process is to defend democracy and federal support for all to participate in the political process and the implementation of the Constitution.

On a separate level, Dr. Barham Ahmad Saleh met Senator Mick McConnell leading GOP Senator, Senator Joseph Lieberman in the Democratic Party is known, to discuss prospects for cooperation with Iraq and Kurdistan, the United States, as well as discuss the latest political developments in the region.
Head of the Kurdistan Regional Government of the territory needed for such strong ties, stressing at the same time looked forward to be democratically for a model territory.
He also noted that the Kurdistan Regional Government provides facilities to foreign companies and foreign investors to work together with local companies.
Within the framework of his visit to the United States, Saleh also met with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, a former Bush administration.
During the meeting the parties exchanged views on the current conditions of Iraq and the region as a whole.
Rumsfeld expressed in its Facebook site pleased to meet Saleh, saying: "I am happy for my friend and head of the Kurdistan Regional Government and eat lunch with him."
Saleh met with Vice President Joseph Biden and US congressmen.
Also find favour with the named mark Kirk and Roy Blunt political conditions in Kurdistan and Iraq and the region.
And statement by the Presidency of the Government of the territory Mark Kirk as saying: "despite the withdrawal of US troops, but the United States will continue to provide support and assistance to Iraq and Kurdistan and democratic project and benefit from the experience of physical and political terms and their application in the rest of the other regions in Iraq.
Salih said the political situation in Iraq and changes in the Middle East region, noting that the participation of all components in the political project in Iraq is the only real solution and all outstanding issues.
He added that "the proposed reconstruction and reform in the region need the support of friends, for development and prosperity of democracy and pluralism in Iraq and the region, to meet the requirements of the new phase in the whole region." %3FID%3D16695