Global companies eager to invest in Iraq

Haider Al-Tamimi Al-fleih Hussein thghb
Concluded on Thursday Baghdad international fair events in the session (38) and involving nearly 1,200 companies from 14 countries, culminated in the closing ceremony, distributing gifts and shields wrote thanks for participating States and distinctive wings, as well as those who helped with the success of the work of the exhibition from November 1 through x, and the exhibition as many participants as an important step towards attracting more investment to Iraq, but with participants underlined the importance of overcoming some obstacles encountered during the days The exhibition, which was at the forefront of security measures, which they (exaggerated) especially cut roads and shipping procedures and materials out of the show floor, in contrast, if the last day of the exhibition different from the rest of his days, where the mass turnout distinguished attendees the broad wings of the exhibition highlights the day although most closed in the early times of exhibition pavilions on the last day.
Exhibition company management sought to assess the participation of many States through granting recognition gifts and shields and appreciating their outstanding participation, both shields was awarded from America and Japan and the Netherlands, India, Iran, Turkey and France and aljake, Syria and Jordan and Germany, Sweden and Brazil, in addition to granting other shields for a large number of local companies and foreign participation, written acknowledgement of security leaders that contributed to the protection of the exhibition and visitors alike for days.
And there on the last day of the exhibition images difficult to deliver fully for the future, the great mass tide such as most viewers last day of the exhibition are close to participating wings, which irked visitors, showing that the exhibition should have been 10 days, not nine, they point to close the doors of the exhibition pavilions of 00 began, moreover, a number of companies prefer to have Omar Gallery more, adding that turnout was Highlighted success factors, but those companies strongly criticized their counterparts involved in the rest of the suites, which dealt, inter alia, direct sales more than interest in the conclusion of trade agreements, is criticized by many economic specialists, who underestimated the importance of companies seeking to exploit the attendances for purposes of direct sales and profitability, asserting that the identity of major exhibitions are promoting first and second commercial agreements.
US companies headed
Towards the public and private local institutions
Director of the American wing, Samir alscotty (morning) at the close of the session 38 Baghdad international fair: corporate America (85) participating in the exhibition achieved the objective of its presence in Iraq even though the limited period, except that all American delegations came to the country for the purpose of studying the field of employment in all its aspects and clear perception of the local business environment through legislative reality study and guarantees granted to foreign companies, as well as the actual work field study and obtain raw materials, both involved in the construction process And reconstruction or involved in the manufacturing process of various economic sectors, US companies have also worked on the presence within Iraqi ministries and institutions wings as well as local private sector firms examine the working mechanisms and the possibility of the presence of American companies in Iraq during the period ahead through open branches or offices of such companies, pointing out that the security environment and a pillow over the exhibition management will lead to doubling the number of US companies participating at the previous session, and the presence of the Iraqi public to show so many opportunities for promotion for us companies In the country.

The desire to enter into contracts and agreements
Director of the French wing said: our participation in a delegation of more than 35 strong global company and comes third respectively. Where are the French companies have considerable expertise in all disciplines that companies examine reality if the Iraqi work environment. Indicating the presence of companies in the sectors of transport, trade, oil and gas and food industries and service sectors. He will witness great development cooperation in all fields between Iraq and France, and we are closer relations between the two countries and the conclusion of contracts and agreements in all economic areas. Calleri said there were French companies operating in the field of Iraqi industry through investment partnerships. Development of new production lines with global specification to raise Iraqi production by adopting sophisticated mechanisms, particularly in the field of construction and reconstruction companies. Also, carriers consider the reality of Iraqi cooperation mechanisms with Iraqi companies and institutions interested in fostering cooperation with French companies.

Wing of the Ministry of industry and minerals
Ministry of industry and minerals exhibit product offered during days before firms qualitative audience locally and internationally, an official source at the Ministry's suite: Ministry companies came over 10 days to show the evolution of plants in all disciplines within one year from the time period that separates us from the Baghdad international trade fair for the past 37 session, where these companies find that represents the line chart has risen from the previous session in many companies, albeit without the level of ambition but companies willing to communicate with the new In the world and offering many investment opportunities and broad in all disciplines, in particular the need for sophisticated production lines and the experiences of new venture which promotes Labour Ministry aspires to develop its barrier joints.

Local Union President of local associations in Baghdad Jaafar Najem Abdullah said: the exhibition such as a large and extensive products crucial to developing the agricultural sector and we have employed to serve the agricultural process through initial agreements with some of the participating companies to build bridges of cooperation and access during the period ahead to joint cooperation, particularly that most sectors suffered from neglect in infrastructure, and in the agricultural sector we are mandated by our presence at the show for ten days ago and when foreign companies Brought the number of advanced technologies used in all stages of the process of agricultural planting into production, noting that the agricultural sector until the day is far from what modern agricultural methods adopted in neighboring countries as the earliest example, agricultural extension services in agricultural directorates throughout the governorates of Iraq to transfer modern developments in irrigation and production and delivery of this experience to agricultural provinces in various districts to educate farmers in what's new and how to raise agricultural production to high levels, and The mechanism that we found in the Gallery aspires to agricultural equipment company is working on bringing these equipment and supply to farmers benefiting from support agricultural initiative.

Universities scientific capital
University students who attend the display for days where we've seen more engineering colleges students attendance between halls Gallery this morning team traced through a simple questionnaire on the preparation of students. He said Mohammed Hussein Mohammed Taleb Baghdad University Faculty of Engineering: attended the exhibition for several days to form groups to stand when the most modern technologies in all alakhsasat, we find the fact Iraqi is in urgent need of global developments in all sectors, and we must find our country from the developed countries under the global interest in Iraq, and we find ourselves between terms that have been viewed by global corporations.

Opening new production lines
Swedish companies were present in the current session of the Expo and the Director of wing did not expect the size of the participation of such size and large numbers of Iraqi public and specialized non-specialized rescue present, where she attended specialized companies and within a great desire to work and presence in Iraq, and noted that participation was not large but we are reputable goods in Iraqi markets and attended to this exhibition for the possibility of opening a new production lines inside Iraq in cooperation with the Ministry of industry and minerals or the Iraqi private sector and hopefully move their factories In Iraq, as soon as possible. Noting that we have found Iraqi investment legislation for study and learn how you can use to our advantage?

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