Iraq: State of Kuwait has succeeded in exploiting the U.S. withdrawal to their advantage
11/11/2011 14:48

Baghdad, November 11 (Rn) - The Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Friday that Kuwait has succeeded in exploiting the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq to their advantage, indicating that the Iraqi government has not made and will not issue any position on the port of Mubarak and the extent of its impact on navigation in Iraq.

And criticized the Iraqi government on Thursday to form a Kuwait military force to protect the port of Mubarak's controversial between the two sides, and said that the move would "redouble" the problems between the two sides.

According to newspaper "opinion" of Kuwait in its Thursday edition, Kuwait decided to form a military force called the "duty to protect the port of Mubarak," an officer and two thousand-strong military to form between the battalion and brigade.

The move to Kuwait by the other steps were massing troops on the border with Iraq after a militant Shiite militias said they would target port if Mubarak had not continued to Kuwait in the construction.

Said committee member Nada Jubouri told the Kurdish news agency (Rn), "The role of the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is very weak over the file port Mubarak," indicating that "the government did not use the U.S. presence in Iraq to put pressure on Kuwait on resolving the files controversial."

She explained that "the Iraqi government could not, after today will not be able to issue any public stance on the port of Mubarak," pointing out that "Kuwait is alone able to tap the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq to their advantage."

Although Baghdad has sent a technical committee to Kuwait a few weeks ago to find out what can be replaced by the Kuwaiti port of damage on the navigation of Iraq, but has not yet taken an official position of it.

She Jubouri saying that "the majority of U.S. military units retreating from Iraq and its mechanisms were stationed in Kuwait and this will be the power dolly in any way the position of the pending files to Kuwait with Iraq."

It is scheduled to be completed the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of the current implementation of the clauses of the agreement entered into by Washington and Baghdad in 2008 after nearly nine years of entering the country at the head of an international force ousted the former Iraqi regime.

Stresses, officials and Iraqi experts that the port will reduce the importance of Iraqi ports, and restricts the navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah channel leading to the ports of Umm Qasr and Khor Al-Zubair, and make the draft port of Faw, who plans to start Iraq built without value.