Iraq plans to build industrial cities across the country
11/11/2011 11:39

Baghdad, November 11 (Rn) - The Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works Iraqi Federal, Friday, it will build the industrial cities of the country Faamom within the project of redesigning cities to be launched early next year.

The media adviser to the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works Jassim Mohammed, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the Ministry of Municipalities will build industrial cities in all provinces and cities cut off from residential and commercial project within the strategic redesign of cities."

"The industrial cities will move them referred for that distort the image of cities and skies with pollution to the border areas as well as the organization of the old industrial neighborhoods that are already located outside the city, mostly residential and commercial."

He continued that "the industrial cities of the 16 debtor Senby some through direct implementation and will take care of each other, built for investment companies in accordance with the Ministry of Municipalities through the National Investment"

Iraq has been a significant decline in the sector and the industry as a result of long years of embargo and sanctions, adding that the process of consumption of imported goods dominated the domestic production after dumping the commodity in the market in various goods, and the origins of many.

Economists say that the reality of industrial production in Iraq has dropped according to studies by 66% for the years before 2003 because of the flow of foreign goods to the markets of the country, stressing that the factories in Iraq has caused the decline disable more than 13 thousand workers, which confused the government's efforts to convert the Iraqi economy to free market economy.

The Iraqi government says it has completed the preparation of industrial Alambardh to support the industrial sector in the country.