September 10, 2011

Energy Experts to Convene at Iraq Future Energy 2011 to Discuss the Future of the Energy Industry

Globally reputed energy specialists will come together from 26 - 29 September 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey, to participate in the Iraq 2011:

Future Energy conference and share their knowledge. The conference, organized by The Energy Exchange, will provide an in-depth understanding on the energy requirements, opportunities and challenges faced by Iraq and the steps necessary to capitalize on its profitable natural resources.

The four-day conference will commence with The Iraq Power and Electricity Summit on 26 September. Here speakers will highlight the status of Iraq's electricity sector and the opportunities in this sector. Discussions will encompass the need to raise US$29 billion between 2015 and 2030. They will also examine the role of the private sector and its significance in developing the electricity sector, the technologies necessary to ensure prosperity and various other topics.

Day two and three of the conference will see officials from the country's government, leading oil, gas, power and electricity companies, and security and resource specialists participate in Iraq 2011: Future Energy.

Fabrice Mosneron Dupin, Global Gas Flaring Reduction (GGFR) Advisor, SEGOM, World Bank, will moderate a panel discussion during day two, 27 September, on a comprehensive plan to reach zero gas flaring. The panel will also demonstrate how companies can collaborate to ensure gas is being used efficiently and not being wasted.

Furthermore, distinguished speakers from globally reputed companies will showcase their companies' plans for the country. Hans Nijkamp, Vice President and Country Chairman, Iraq Shell International, will present Shell's benchmarks for future production at the Majnoon oilfield. Elias Kassis, Managing Director, Exploration and Production, Iraq, TOTAL, will then provide insights on jointly developing the Halfaya oilfield with production analysis.

Other speakers on day two include: H.E. Adnan Al Janabi, Chairman of the Oil and Energy Committee, Iraq Parliament as well as Mr. Ibrahim Alolom, Former Minister of Oil, Iraq.

During the third day of the conference, topics to be explored will include execution of strategies and tactics to overcome obstacles. Industry professionals will showcase guidelines on how to proceed with Iraq's approved of the US$37 billion program to upgrade the country's collapsing infrastructure and the necessary security requirements to move into a post-conflict commercialization stage of business.

Simona Marinescu, Senior Economist and Programme Director for Economic Reforms, Iraq, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), will give a presentation on 27 September, and participate in a panel discussion on 28 September. She will speak about the structural economic reform underway in Iraq, centered on the corporatisation of state-owned enterprises, including oil and electricity companies, as well as other elements of land management reform and tax regime restructuring.

Other speakers on day three include: Brian McFeeters, Economic Minister Counselor, United States Embassy in Iraq; Surendra Bardia, Treasury and Trade Solutions Head, UAE and Iraq, Citibank and Asri Mousa, Ex-Official, Ministry of Oil, Iraq.

A Kurdistan Focus Day will take place on the final day, where speakers will outline their plans to develop the energy sector of Kurdistan with case studies on both the oil and power sector.

Kurdistan Focus Day speakers include Farman Ghareb, Director General - Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Board of Investment, KRG; Bakhtiyar Ameen, Director General - Duhok, Kurdistan, Board of Investment, KRG and others.

Other participants at Iraq 2011: Future Energy include: Mohammed Aboush, Senior Vice President, Iraq, Kuwait Energy Company; Jon Sargeant, Operations Director, DNO International; James B. Adams, President and Lead Country Manager - Iraq, ExxonMobil; Adnan Samarrai, Country Manager - Iraq, Gulf Keystone Petroleum; Simon Stolp, Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank, and many others.

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