White: bloc calls for the Obama administration to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
Tuesday, 08 October 2 / November 2011 23:13 | | |
[Baghdad - where]

White said the Iraqi bloc said in a statement on Tuesday: "What hope for Iraqis today is that the Obama administration is making diplomatic efforts towards removing Iraq from Chapter VII to be a good job has been completed and one is in the interest of Iraq"

She said an MP for the Iraqi bloc white high Nassif in the statement that the U.S. administration to "do the role of Musharraf in removing Iraq from Chapter VII of compensation for the failure to resolve all of the files during the years of the occupation of Iraq."

She said: "The management of President Obama and Bush Jr. Okhvgueta in solving any of the files the Iraqi mission since the fall of the former regime in 2003 until the present day, both domestically or internationally."

She added: "America, which occupies Iraq since 9 years old has taken the role of spectator at the excesses of neighboring countries to Iraq's sovereignty by land, sea and air, and did not have offered them any sign of adherence to moral obligation and custom political and military to the state it occupies, and this point bad added to the U.S. Record the United States. "