Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee holds the government responsible for failure to pay the allocations of the ration card
Tuesday, 08 October 2 / November 2011 midnight

[Baghdad - where]
Carried by the parliamentary Finance Committee Najiba Najib government for failure to pay the allocations of the ration card items and a trillion [300] billion 2011 budget

Said Najib told all of Iraq [where] that "there is a [4] trillion earmarked for the Ministry of Commerce, but because of the demonstrations and to meet the requests of the protesters the government decided to add another trillion to the Ministry of Commerce and to meet the requirements of the Iraqi people."

She added that "until the month of October of 2011 did not happen, the entire financial allocations for the ration card which is [4] trillions of either trillion rest and [300] one billion not paid by the government to the Ministry of Commerce has expressed the Ministry of Commerce resentment of non-payment of these amounts and appealed to the Finance Committee Deputies in the House of Representatives and launch regardless of financial allocations of their remaining budget in 2011. "

And called on Najib to the need for attention to this important aspect that affects the lives of the Iraqi people, noting that "the proportion [24%] of the sons of the Iraqi people living below the poverty line and that the government should ensure them a decent living as well as develop a program to get the Iraqi people from such a high percentage compared to other countries of the world. "

Najib indicated that "Iraq has a wealth of natural, because what could be one of the refineries of the world.

The majority of Iraqis depend for food fundamental to what they get from the ration card items, including items of the ration of rice, flour, vegetable oil, sugar, tea, washing powder, soap, milk for adults and children, pulses lentils, beans, chickpeas, and others.