Talabani announced delivery of the Kurdistan Regional Government Presidency of the democratic end of the year
TUESDAY, 08 OCTOBER / 2 NOVEMBER 2011 11:13 HITS: 17

Twilight News / said President Jalal Talabani on Tuesday that the presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government will hand over to the Democratic Party Alchorstana the end of this year.

She noted press reports that the Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Jalal Talabani, who heads his party's provincial government current, "talked about the re-presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government with the Vice President of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Barzani in a joint interview," declaring that "The decision to head the government to a democratic Kurdistan has been finalized and the end of this year will see a trading position. "

This assertion by Talabani after the debate the media and political, which prevailed in the Kurdish street about the possibility of the survival benefit in office for another two years, especially that Talabani had been granted the Democratic Party candidate senior Kurdistan and former president of the provincial government Barzani for the two years were the share of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which Wait for a similar measure of its members by the President of the Kurdistan Region and leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, especially after the clarifications issued by the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, and stressed that the issue of post will not be traded before the end of this year, and that appropriate steps will be taken after that date.

The ruling parties of the two presidents in the province of Kurdistan, the Patriotic Union and Democrat, who had signed in 2008 a political agreement, whom they named (agreed strategic), the text of the circulation of my presidency, the government and the parliament, regional between them every two years, and other items to ensure for them to stay in power Kaglbeh political in a large block within the regional parliament.