Berwari: Biden's visit came to arrange the new relationship between Iraq and the United States
10:26:40 2011-11-07 PUKmedia

Expected to reach U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to Baghdad in the next few days, to discuss with Iraqi officials in the relations between the two countries, and visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Washington the middle of next month.

The chancellor said the Iraqi government just Berwari of life, "said Biden's visit and the unexpected comes in order to search new relationship between Iraq and the United States after the end of the year and the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from the country."

He explained that he "will discuss with the officials activate the Framework Agreement signed between the two sides and include political and security cooperation and economic, as well as granting immunity to U.S. trainers, not exceeding the hundreds.

He Berwari that "Washington rejects the survival of any of its soldiers in Iraq without immunity." He suggested that "there is a simple agreement between the two sides to the survival of trainers who will be limited to their mission to train security forces, military equipment purchased from the United States."