Warned of the conspirators .. Maliki: Iraq is a country where rich and rich enough, because everyone is happy
11/06/2011 | (Voice of Iraq)

Baghdad (news) , said Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that Iraq is a country rich and the rich enough, because everyone is happy with it, warned at the same time, Iraqi forces from Iraq on the conspirators. Maliki said during a meeting with well-wishers on the occasion of Eid al-Adha on Sunday:that Iraq had the date in which you can be the Iraqi people the happiest people in the world and the richest people and most sophisticated. and stressed the need for Iraq to be a country without discrimination or marginalization, or Cancel to have a state citizen and human which is equal to the all of the rights and duties. The Prime Minister: The experiments proved that the Iraqis when Adham country and exposed to the risk rally to each other and leave the ideas imported alien entered him, asserting that the series of conspiracies will not stop, as pointed out that Iraq if he got up it would be giant, but not interfering in the affairs of others. and between al-Maliki that the government was heading for construction and reconstruction on solid foundations, he noted that the country went through a difficult at all levels because of the wrong policies, and continued: passed on our difficult circumstances, at all levels, caused by mistaken policy not to give citizen's right and entitlement before moving outward in an attempt as it was during the former regime in access to regional and international conflicts.

Maliki said: Iraq needs a lot of diligence and effort to stand up to these challenges, and this needs to unite everyone, and Iraq had a lot of projects He expressed his hope that "the feast will be one of the stations and Agafnaha together to confront terrorism.