High demand for the dollar in an auction of the Central Bank
11/04/2011 18:00 Economy

Baghdad, "Iraq's gate," Mohammed Sharif

Increased demand for the U.S. dollar in CBI auction at the conclusion of its sessions for the current week, Thursday.

The session saw Alkhmps rise in sales of the bank up to 221,000,750 thousand dollars compared to $ 179 million in the previous session.

It covered the bank asked banks to participate in the auction-based exchange rate was 1170 dinars to the dollar.

And the distribution of demand between six million and 240 thousand dollars for the sale of cash, while the total sales in the form of remittances external 215 million and 510 thousand dollars had been covered by the bank in full, the exchange rate was 1183 dinars to the dollar, including the commission of the Bank amounting to 13 dinars per dollar, while did not make banks participate in the auction and the 21 banks in any offers to sell the dollar.

And assesses the Iraqi Central Bank five weekly sessions for the sale and purchase of foreign currency to cover domestic demand in order to maintain the exchange rate of the dollar in the local markets and the reduction of conflict and the creation of monetary stability.