Washington accuses al-Maliki to "inflame sectarian" and describe the democracy in Iraq as "fragile"
SATURDAY, 05 OCTOBER / 2 NOVEMBER 2011 13:34 HITS: 145

Twilight News / accused one of the leading U.S. newspapers, Saturday, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to "recklessness" and "fuel" sectarian tensions that "chilling" for "fragile" democracy in Iraq.

The newspaper "New York Times" in an editorial to the number on Saturday that "the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki tendencies authoritarian known," afterthought "The capture of most of the 600 Iraqis suspected of being members of the Baath party and the army during the rule of Saddam Hussein is regarded as something reckless and ridiculous" .

The newspaper added that "the idea that 600 people took part in the scheme of naive," noting that "al-Maliki that are judged in a fair, transparent, if they had evidence of crimes, and the release other than that."

The paper expressed "doubts U.S. officials about the process," adding that "most Iraqis angered them."

The newspaper said that "the Maliki government full of corruption and lack of credibility and show authoritarian tendencies," calling on the government to "clear definition of affiliation to the Baath Party."

The newspaper noted that "Washington's influence in Iraq is decreasing," afterthought "Baghdad still want to buy American weapons and in need of assistance related to military training."

The paper called on U.S. President Obama to "use it to put pressure on Maliki to rein in," citing the saying that "Iraq's democracy is fragile, and the risk of renewed sectarian violence really chilling."

The Iraqi security forces had recently arrested more than 600 people in a number of Iraqi provinces on charges of "terrorism" and to try to revive the Baath party and planning to overthrow the current system, saying that the arrest of these defendants came under anti-terrorism law and judicial orders.