Budget next year consistent with the conventions of the International Monetary Fund
On: Sat 5/11/2011 7:09

Baghdad / term economic
The Ministry of Finance has prepared a budget in 2012 in line with the agreement with the International Monetary Fund, which requires raising money value of its investment.
said Undersecretary Fadel Prophet told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that his ministry has worked to raise the amount of investment value compared to the value value amounts Lot within the budget in 2012. "
He added that "the balance of 2012 is ready for submission to the House of Representatives after the Eid al-Adha holiday. He continued that "the balance of 2012 will focus on development projects with ease in the proportion of operational projects."

He called on the Iraqi Central Bank last October and the Ministry of Finance to review the part the operational budget in 2012.
and the expected Economists said the delayed budget in 2012 in the House of Representatives due to political disagreements among parliamentary blocs typically arise with the discussion of budgets, financial year.
depends Iraq and Hoedo OPEC on oil revenues to finance about 95% of the annual budget. The estimated budget for Iraq in 2012 to $ 112 billion, including 17 billion for security and arms, up 36% from last year, but a deficit of $ 20 billion.
and announced in Baghdad (18/9/2010) that Iraq's budget for next year 2012 will reach $ 112 billion, up 36 % for the current year budget 2011, but a deficit of $ 20 billion and it has been allocated $ 17 billion for security and armament.