Iraqi parliament fails to hold an emergency session of the lack of a quorum
03/11/2011 13:10

Baghdad, November 3 (Rn) - Iraqi Council of Representatives failed to hold an emergency session was scheduled on Thursday called for a block free of the Sadrist movement led by Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, for lack of quorum.
The Presidency of the Council of Representatives called for the convening of the special meeting today to discuss three main themes is that the federal budget, excluding the demands made by Sadr, the former government and the withdrawal of U.S. forces in addition to Turkish and Iranian shelling of border areas in the province of Kurdistan.
He said the head of the Liberal MP Bahaa al-Araji, a news conference in the House of Representatives: "We are sorry for the failure to meet the call made to the House of Representatives to attend the special meeting due to travel most of the members of the House of Representatives to perform Hajj, which led to lack of quorum."
He added that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to include the three pillars of which was to be discussed on Thursday to the first meeting in the next legislative term after the Eid al-Adha holiday."

And came to the Council building today is less than one hundred, mostly deputy of the National Alliance, and within the present 35 deputies of the mass of Liberals and three from the coalition of Kurdish blocs and four deputies from Iraq.
Under the House of Representatives legislative recess the second after the end of the second legislative term for the first year of life of the House of Representatives of the electoral cycle II.
The Sadr bloc in what he called "demonstrations Magdy Rady" to protest the lack of services, after she learned first-hand response to a government with the demands of its leader, which focused on the distribution of some of the oil revenues to the people and classifying them within the federal budget for next year as well as providing 50 thousand jobs for the unemployed and the development of services as well as for total withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq.
Free mass and waved two days before the withdrawal of the "National Alliance", which consists of Shiite forces to protest the lack of response to its demands.