Extraordinary session of Parliament and Kurdistan today
On: Thu 3/11/2011 8:35

Baghdad / term
parliament today held its special session at the invitation of its President Osama Najafi, based on the request of the Sadrist movement, comes at a time when a coalition of Kurdish blocs likely to be a consultative meeting for lack of quorum.

The MP said rib Jawad Hasnawi in a press statement that "session today, the special will be discussing the U.S. withdrawal and the issue of immunity and the security situation and the readiness of security forces, as well as discuss the issue of the budget, the government says there are budget explosive, and the Prime Minister declared that the imports are not enough, what requires to stand on this inconsistencies in the statements " as well as the demands of the leader of the Sadrist movement.
He added: "The Liberal bloc has approved the issue of withdrawal from the National Alliance, during a press conference held during the last few days and is serious about withdrawing from the coalition and not from the government that failed to implement their demands."
sources close to the speaker of parliament had confirmed the "long" in the earlier inability to achieve a quorum because most of the political blocs sees no need for a hearing requested by the Sadrist movement.
However, the Sadrist lawmaker of quitting, he admitted yesterday, barely a quorum at today's meeting the special session.
He Zamili for "hope the completion of a quorum for the meeting of the exceptional student Sadrists holding them," pointing out that "the mass of the contacts with a large number of parliamentarians who are in Iraq to urge them to attend the meeting", describing at the same time "quorum not difficult."
He added "The quorum for a session tomorrow's extraordinary is difficult due to travel a large number of parliamentarians out of Iraq, but that a large number of members of parliamentary blocs and promised to attend, and we hope that as many as close to the required quorum for the purpose of discussing matters and important issues and complete the discussions in the sessions and other meetings" ,
to this, stressed the Deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance, that the emergency session of Parliament scheduled for today will be a deliberative, and ruled out the MP held for the travel of many members of the House of Representatives to the outside.
said Rep. Najiba Najib said in press statements yesterday that "the emergency meeting of the Parliament and called for by the President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi at the request of his more than fifty deputies will be limited to the statement of the positions of the blocks of some of the issues of withdrawal the U.S. and other issues and files will also be a deliberative rather than be to legislate and pass laws. "
and added that "it is unlikely initially to hold the hearing or achieved the quorum and the due to travel many members of the House of Representatives to the outside, whether to perform the Hajj or to visit their families or the like. "
The head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi has called an emergency session of the House of Representatives tomorrow, the third this month, in response to a request signed by (60) as Vice and that the agenda for the meeting will only discuss the financial budget and withdraw the U.S. only.