Kurdistan: Draft Talabani meets the approval of the majority and will face obstacles in its application.
Wednesday, 2 November 2011 14:03

Twilight News / confirmed a member of the Kurdistan Alliance, Wednesday, that the project, planned by President Jalal Talabani provided in respect of restructuring management of the contested areas will receive the approval of a majority of the blocks, but it pointed at the same time that the application of the project will face "difficulties and obstacles."
Hassan Jihad, said in a statement to "Twilight News", "project made ​​by President Jalal Talabani, who is serving the administrative restructuring of the contested areas, the work of a constitutional, and the normalization of the situation in the areas covered by the application of Article 140".

It is noteworthy that the request made by President Jalal Talabani, to restore the administrative border of the provinces to what it was in the past is contained in article 140 of the Constitution.
Jihad said that "any action in Iraq will face some difficulties and obstacles in the beginning, but in the end will have the consent of the majority, because it stems from the essence of the constitution of Iraq."
The former Iraqi regime, which dropped in 2003 at the hands of international forces led by America, has conducted demographic changes in areas of mixed national in favor of Arabs, including Kirkuk and cited Iraq, an article in the constitution is 140 to settle the dispute on those areas and provides for the normalization of the situation to remove the effects of past policies prior to the census paving the way for the final phase of a referendum in those areas to determine the administrative subordination of the territory of Kurdistan, or the federal government in Baghdad.