Japan waiting on iraq to rv?
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Thread: Japan waiting on iraq to rv?

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    Japan waiting on iraq to rv?

    I didn't know which forum to ask this in, so I'll just put it under 'rumors', and someone can move it if need be.
    There has been talk, that I've seen the past couple days, that Japan was waiting to revalue their yen until Iraq rv'd theirs. I have seen it from multiple people in the dinarrecaps site, so I couldn't tell you what site(s) it originally came from. Does anyone here have any proof that Japan is doing/saying this? Are there any articles that state this, or is this just purely speculation while wearing the rv goggles? Not trying to question anyone, I only want to see if it is just speculation or exact fact of it. Thanks for any input.

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    H-spot..............no......are you sure it was Japan? Now China probably.......I will say this that japan met with M in Iraq and M is due there Sunday the 20th of Nov.............sooooooo................
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    AQ-no, I know the talk was about Japan. This was awhile ago, and I haven't heard anything since. So I would assume it was smoke. Thx for the response.

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