Cairo: Iraq heads the investor visa Standard
31/10/2011 17:17

Cairo, October 31 / October (Rn) - The Iraqi Commercial Attaché in Cairo on Monday that his country has prepared a dossier of investment opportunities in all provinces, including Kurdistan region, indicating that Iraq is headed the Committee of Seven of the United Arab investor visa.

Ali Abdul-Zahra, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "Iraq has the investment opportunities that accommodate all the Arab and the possibility of financing the investment climate is qualified because it has the system of legislative, legal, investment to accommodate all the requirements of the foreign investor."
Abdul-Zahra and was on the sidelines of a meeting of the Investment Committee of the Council of Economic Unity of the Arab League, which lasts two days.

He continued, saying "so this will show the investment opportunities on the preparatory meeting of the Council at the beginning of the month of December (December) next," adding "it to display in this meeting as the preparatory meeting attended by dignitaries and the wider investment."
He noted in another part of his speech that Iraq is headed the Committee of Seven for the investor visa, the Unified Arab.

For his part, Secretary General of the Economic Unity Council, Ambassador Mohammad spring that "there is a special investment in Iraq Aatdth General Secretariat of the Economic Unity Council and displayed on the previous session and now we have an integrated file and arrived in Cairo from the Delegation to Iraq."

He continued, saying "this file will have great interest from the Council of Arab Economic Unity, especially in the next session of the Council will be on display file and our numbers timetables for the implementation of this file."
He said the spring that "the security situation in Iraq is not scary Iraq out of the bottle will arrive to economic growth because it is near qualified to deal with the new in the industry, modernity, technology industry."

And obstacles in the transmission of the investor from country to country and the need to issue a visa Arab investor, said spring that "the visa is a passport to Arab investor then turned to the card and then a visa is the start of even carrying the Arab investor passport card and visa at the same time and move from the States to the State without impediments. "