Kazem Al-Shammari: U.S. pullout would open broad prospects for restoring the diplomatic relations between Iraq and neighboring countries
Monday, October 31, 2011

Said MP for the Iraqi bloc white Kazem al-Shammari, the U.S. withdrawal would open broad prospects for restoring ties between Iraq and neighboring countries.
Al-Shammari said the "agency, all of Iraq", said on Monday that the U.S. presence in the country has sparked concerns from neighboring countries and the cause of some embarrassment to their people, especially American allies such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, referring to what came to Saudi Arabia from attack by al Qaeda in some areas .
He said al-Shammari, the Iraqi government claim after the U.S. withdrawal that intensify its diplomacy with neighboring countries and it can play a positive role in the contract agreements between neighboring countries, particularly affecting them are Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are based on mutual respect and non interference in the internal affairs of states the neighborhood.
He said al-Shammari, the government in front of an historic opportunity to play a major role in the region through bridging differences with neighboring countries and, if successful, in that they will have returned to Iraq, its historic role.