Vice President of the Republic agree to intensify efforts to bring the views between the political parties
Monday, October 31, 2011

Vice President of the Republic agreed Khodair al Tariq al-Hashemi and to intensify efforts to bridge the gap in views between the political parties and to activate the role of the presidency.
The "presidential statement" on Monday, said Khudair Khuzaie met his counterpart Tariq al-Hashemi in his office in Baghdad and the two sides discussed the current situation in the country and the challenges facing the political process.
"The statement," said Khuzai called on all political parties to support the political process in the country and to stand by the government in its challenges because the success of the political process is a success for all blocks.
He added that Khuzai stressed the need to resort to the Constitution to resolve all points of contention in the political arena and away from each Maevriq Grade Inc., calling the political blocs and their leaders to preserve the achievements made and not to escalate in the attitudes and resort to the language of dialogue in order to reach results positive for all parties.
For his part, Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, the need to deal with the crises experienced by the country wisely and dialogue with all parties in order to overcome all the points of disagreement.