Basra, discussing with the "Shell" a number of investment projects
Saturday, October 29, 2011

Examined the Basra Investment Commission, on Friday, with the company "Shell" oil a number of investment projects for the development of economic reality in the province.
The director of public relations in the Shell Diego Beers for "Kurdish news agency," said his company plans to cooperate with the Basra Investment Commission to implement a number of investment projects for the purpose of expanding the base of work in Iraq.
He explained that his company is in the implementation of important projects in other sectors, most notably the establishment of non-oil power plant through cooperation with the South Oil Company and the South Gas and oil formations other oil projects to meet the needs of electric power.
He added that this step will contribute to reducing the hours of pieces programmed to dispense with citizens after the national network fully.
For his part, expressed the head of the Basra Investment Khalaf al-Badran's readiness for full cooperation of the whole of the establishment of such projects, as well as providing the amount of land required.