In the document: The Central Bank of Iraq addressee the Foreign Ministry regarding a report presented by a Lebanese station

The Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday (January 15, 2020), addressed the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding a report presented by the Lebanese (MTV) station, citing the names of people occupying official positions in the bank, the channel claimed that they are financing some parties and parties, according to the bank.

(Baghdad Today) obtained a document issued by the Central Bank, which includes that: "On 14/1/2020, the Lebanese mtv channel published a report regarding the activities of the Central Bank of Iraq that included many allegations regarding the financing of parties, parties and others with reference to the names of persons occupying official sites With this bank and the names of businessmen and heads of boards of directors of other Iraqi banks, and to direct a stream of accusations and serious attacks that are not based on evidence. "

The document showed, "The Central Bank requests the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take the necessary steps to inform the Lebanese government of the behavior of this channel and to take into account that the Central Bank and all of their names will take the necessary steps to submit formal complaints in the judiciary."

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