Maliki: You must provide the legal custody to the success of investment in Iraq
On: Sun 10/30/2011 14:35

Baghdad (news) .. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the need for legal custody to the success of the investment process in the country.
Maliki said during a meeting with the President and members of the National Investment Commission, which he visited today, you must provide the legal environment and the necessary legislation for the sustainability of investment business.
The Prime Minister added that we seek to break the existing barriers that impede the process of investment despite the rush of investment companies, indicating that the real suffering faced by the investment is the legislation that was enacted in the past and this legislation is encouraging, it would not achieve the desired results, and continued: "We demanded from the investment using the Cabinet in any case to impede the investment process. "
He called on Prime Minister to focus on the private sector to reassure him and make way for the purpose of participating in the housing sector investment because his participation will contribute to the absorption of unemployment