Current Iraq News - Value of the Iraqi dinar
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Thread: Current Iraq News - Value of the Iraqi dinar

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    Current Iraq News - Value of the Iraqi dinar

    There are 1001 pages in the Current Iraq News forum with 49,335 total threads going back over 7 years with literally millions of words posted on the subject...that's just in the Current Iraq News forum.
    Those figures don't include the millions of additional words spoken and posted in all of the formats such as the other forums, "The Observer", "The Daily NEWS blog", "the calls", the chat, the facebook group, etc. Literally millions upon millions of words of encouragement and positive spin on how and why the IQD is going to somehow miraculously revalue and make iraqi dinar currency investors rich.

    Multiply those millions upon millions of words by the many other websites out there cranking out the same or similar such nonsensical fantasticness adnauseum, and you have literally billions of words spoken and written about the IQD as a positive investment, always with the underlying tone of how it could make you rich and how it could be just thiiiiis close to popping and blowing the lid off...

    How many current iraq news threads and other such nonsense of "oh such greatly important interestingness" will have to be generated before this thing (RV) ever pops?

    RESPONSE: There will be more profit made by the owners of this website from their dinar sales and the selling of their advertising space than will ever be made by all of the iraqi dinar currency investors combined as a return on their investment in IQD.

    The desperate hopefuls, the drive-by gamblers, the blind sycophants, and the just plain poorly informed "investors" alike, they come and go by the thousands, same with the gurus and newshounds, they come and they go. Some change their names and come back to play a new round of hype and fiction. Some are shunned for not correctly "playing along" with the false narrative. Some are deceased. Some are incarcerated. Some are to be incarcerated. Yet the hyperbolic spin machine just keeps on churning out more altered versions of the same old endless "fake news" crap....over and over and over again. Regurgitated and re-fed by the newshounds and site operators, and re-gobbled by the die-hard members and visitors.

    At what point does the light bulb suddenly come on for those who finally admit to themselves that they've been chasing a falsely conveyed fairytale and it's time to move on to something real? How many literal billions of non performing words of hyperbole which never pan out does it take? How many before you finally face it and take your life and time on this earth back to do something positive with it? Do you ever? Or do you just do like so many have done before you here, and die with it having never come to fruition? I wonder how many on their death bed will look back and wish they'd admitted they'd been mistaken to waste so much of their lives chasing after something that was so impossibly untrue.

    Seriously, I ask many?
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    Re: Current Iraq News - Value of the Iraqi dinar

    They're tough questions I realize. Impossible to respond to in any truthful fashion that supports the falsehood of a sudden and impossibly huge gain in value of the IQD. Nevertheless, anybody?
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    Re: Current Iraq News - Value of the Iraqi dinar

    Here's just one of thousands of fake little snippets that are constantly being fed to the followers of sites such as this one. This is a direct copy/paste from this site's sister site humorously known as The Observer.

    "Adam Montana – Dinar Guru [Since I have been on this investment (10years) the dinar rate is moving in the wrong direction (Devaluation) from 1166 – 1182 – 1190.] …I don’t think we’re seeing anything to worry about. A change from 1166 to 1190 is miniscule and barely worth noting…I think we are going in a good direction."

    So the genius Adam Montana states he's been on this investment 10 years and during that time the dinar's value has been decreasing instead of increasing. But he doesen't think "we're seeing anything to worry about", and finishes the nonsense off by saying "I think we are going in a good direction."

    Who here doesn't see this purely childish false narrative spin and feeble misdirection for what it actually is?

    I'm not making this up. Go to The Observer and see it for yourself. It's there word for ridiculous word. It isn't graded as being ridiculous or false or even pinocchio'd as BGG likes to put it. Instead it's just pasted up there as if it makes actual sense and is somehow supportive of what a great investment the IQD is.

    The Observer is full of this nonsense. I'd go so far as to say it's composed entirely of this type of total nonsense. One ridiculous guru quote after another. All posted to try to convince you that the nearly worthless IQD is somehow going to miraculously make you rich. The "somehow" portion of that is explained by other gurus' constant and equally absurd nonsense. The craftier gurus tirelessly use real news articles cleverly laden with the gurus own preposterous spin to validate "the somehow" part of the get-rich-with-very-little-investment scheme.

    How many times can you see how utterly ridiculous this is and ignore the truth you already know in the pit of your stomach?
    How many times can you thank these fake gurus for selling you their false narrative?
    How many times can you thank them for all of their fake hard work which has deceptively helped to part you from your U.S. currency?
    How many times can you ignore the truth you know?

    How many folks?
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    Re: Current Iraq News - Value of the Iraqi dinar

    Here's a fun fact. When this thread was started less than 7 days ago there were 49,335 total threads posted in the Current Iraq News forum. There are now 49,650 threads in that forum. That's a net gain of 315 new threads in less than 7 days.

    Would you call that education or would you call it indoctrination and a propaganda campaign?

    Again I ask many?

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