Kamal Saadi: Najafi missed off the vote on the law of information communication
Date: Thursday, 06/28/2012 13:09

Baghdad / WAP / A member of the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary deputy, a coalition of state law, Kamal Saadi said House Speaker Osama Najafi committed an offense in today's meeting when asked to vote to stop the vote on the Communications Act of informatics.

He explained in a press conference held at Parliament House today: "We were surprised by today's meeting when we wanted to vote on the Communications Act information request six deputies to stop the vote on the law, then the request Najafi vote to stop the vote, despite the fact that the rules of procedure of the Council provided that if the vote on the law , you should not subject for discussion only of the vote.

He added: "This law is very important for the Iraqi national security, because it contains all frequencies and satellite communications, etc., explaining that there are some political beneficiaries of the companies benefiting from the damage the interests of the Iraqi citizen

He called on House Speaker Saadi Usama Najafi clarification of the beneficiaries of this law to stop. / End