Deputy for the National Alliance: rule out the resolution of the security ministries until the end of the Maliki government
On: Sun 10/30/2011 14:12

Baghdad (news) .. rule out the bloc member and MP for the Liberal / National Coalition / Rafie Abdul Jabbar, a resolution of the security ministries during the life of the government or parliament.
The House of Representatives has voted by majority to give confidence to the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, without the security ministries on 21 December last year.
Abdul-Jabbar said in a statement (for the Agency news) on Sunday: that the file of the security ministries has not been decided in the legislative term of the third will not be resolved to the end of this government because of differences in views between the Iraqi List and the rule of law, both blocs to them the reason of their own.
He said Abdul-Jabbar: Now that the security ministries and agencies are going to affect the performance of the work of these ministries and the ministers need to be managed but the proxy does not affect the work.
The leader of the coalition of state law and the MP / National Alliance / Abbas al-Bayati, announced that the file of the security ministries will be named after the Eid al-Adha on a Hot Tin to clinching.
Bayati said in an earlier statement (the news): After the Eid al-Adha the first file will have the interest of the political blocs, the resolution of the security ministries, as well as be placed in hot water to be settled, stressing the need to resolve the file and that the proximity of the U.S. withdrawal and fill the vacancy in the ministries.
He said the Attorney for the National, to the prospects and positive atmosphere between the blocks and a strong will to reach a resolution of the defense and internal candidates and the nomination of the right people.