Urgent policy .. America: Iraq is not exempt from the sanctions on Iran

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vowed that Iran would face the collapse of its economy if its behavior is not changed, saying that his country's sanctions against Tehran would lead to a decline in its international economic activities.

Said Pompeo at a news conference, "We have provided temporary exceptions to China, Turkey, Italy, Greece, India , South Korea, Japan and Taiwan of sanctions on Iran.
Did not mention Pompeo to exclude Iraq from sanctions despite the signals sent close to the Iraqi government obtained to exclude US for import Aldharroah needs.

He said Pompeu that Iran is supporting armed militias in Iraq and strengthened its activities there since the nuclear deal , and we hope that the benefit of economic pressure on Iran and prevent it from breach of balance in the Middle East.
in addition, said US Treasury Secretary, Stephen Manoucan, said that "we will work on annexation Iranian access to humanitarian materials.

He added that Iran would remain isolated internationally until it changed its behavior.
The second package of US sanctions on Tehran entered into force on Monday, targeting two vital sectors for Tehran - oil and banks - as well as 700 personalities and entities.
The administration also aims to reach Iranian oil exports to zero.

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