Height of the OPEC basket Brent is at $ 111
29/10/2011 29/10/2011

Sghafforh - Reuters
Brent crude on Friday after rising by nearly three percent in the previous session, but optimism surrounding initiatives to save Europe from the debt crisis of the political has kept prices above $ 111. As seen OPEC basket of crudes rise to 109.09 dollars a barrel. Prices rose thanks also to the news that the U.S. economy grew at 2.5 percent in the third quarter, its fastest rate since the year with the increase in consumer spending and companies, the recent momentum can continue through the last three months of in 2011. Although the price of Brent crude fell 51 cents, recording 111.57 dollars per barrel recorded price gains weekly closer rate of two percent. crude was down U.S. 57 cents to 93.39 dollars a barrel, but on the way to record an increase of seven percent over the week which the largest weekly increase since the week ending. to that OPEC said on Friday that the price of its basket of crudes standard rose to 109.09 dollars a barrel from 108.83 dollars the previous day. It consists of OPEC basket of 12 crude is a mix deserts of Algeria and Girassol Alonjula and Iran's heavy crude, Basra Light Iraqi crude Export of Kuwait and the Libyan lotus and Nigerian Bonny Light and maritime country and the Saudi Arabian Light and Murban UAE and Mary Venezuelan and Ecuadorian Orient.