Protesters are preparing for a unified demonstration tomorrow in all provinces, "drop" carrying a demand

(Asharq Al-Awsat) - The coordination of demonstrations in the province of Dhi Qar in southern Iraq on Saturday issued a statement calling on all prefectural provinces including the Federal Capital Baghdad to prepare for a unified demonstration to be launched Sunday evening.

The coordination of the "opponents of the province of Dhi Qar" in a statement today, that the unified demonstrations will be launched on Sunday, July 22 in all cities, "jump" in addition to Baghdad at one time is at 6 pm.

The statement called for "the cessation of all demands and the assertion of only one demand is (to overthrow the corrupt)," saying that "we have no other demand and everyone who calls services and appointments is only the same either the demand to overthrow and prosecute the corrupt is a popular demand and the demand of a homeland, Statement.

On Friday, nine Iraqi provinces including the capital Baghdad witnessed protests against the deteriorating service and living conditions, widespread unemployment and financial and administrative corruption in the country, accompanied by violence, killing at least two demonstrators and wounding dozens, including security forces.

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