Researcher: Iraq needs a distinctive role for the private sector to revive the economic reality
29/10/2011 29/10/2011

BAGHDAD - Fulayyih Heidar al-Rubaie
Can not begin to economic reform away from the tight monetary policy keeps the exchange rate, which is an important aspect in the world of economic, as well as in the investment business researcher for a secure environment to be in the field of employment, as well as monetary stability is extremely important for making productive sectors balanced sober create a friendly environment International Investments, which aspires to be in Iraq.
Stresses many economists the importance and role of the private sector to revive the economic situation in the country, revealing what the areas of industrial, agricultural and commercial roles of the task can increase the volume of imports of the country's financial, and capacity in the elimination of unemployment, as well as reviving the gross domestic product (GDP), and reliable professionals in the economic affairs to the private sector plays again leading roles in the leadership of the national economy in general, especially as the new Iraqi constitution stipulates that the free market economy is one of the leading economic activities in the country in general, and this confirms the role of the private sector to lead the production process in the country In general, stresses Almaniyon the importance that the government undertakes to provide climates safe for the work of this sector, as well as providing the necessary infrastructure that allows for the productive sectors of competition, especially the sectors of industrial and agricultural production through activation of the economic laws supporting a law customs tariff and the law of the examination, as well as for determining the volume of imports materials and agricultural and industrial products in order to make way for the sector to more private sector companies, local.
Indicates economic researcher Professor Dr. Sattar al-Bayati, the presence of many of the points which he said was enough to revive the private sector and sticky in the competitive process, noting that the Iraqi private sector possibilities of physical, human and technical large to allow it in case of work to enter the market competition stronger, indicating that the reduction in work the private sector can negatively affect the overall economic movement in the country and lead to a doubling of unemployment rates and survival rely on goods, noting that this sector could promote largely through the real role could be played by the state and without the development and implementation of rules may fail system market economy, as the government's role is to organize and configure and monitor the market system to enact substantive laws that protect individuals and companies from corrupt practices.
Bayati said: that among the means to revive the private sector is the availability of a quality production, which is one of the factors affecting supply and demand and their ability to influence prices, and to allow freedom of competition and market access in and out of it, as well as the existence of laws that ensure competition and quality, and property rights and ensure the rights of consumers and producers, and ensure a favorable economic environment for investment and economic activity, with Mraan to be economically stable environment and allow the political expectations of the future to run its course without concern or fear of the future.
Saying that the private sector in the light of the above needs to be so environmentally friendly because the work and prosper, and thus can have an important role and is vital to the national economy in terms of generating added value, especially if we take into consideration that the State has crossed the actually adopted this approach Since 2004, when it issued the National Development Strategy for the years 2004 2007, where the emphasis was evident in the time and is still in the role of the private sector in the national economy and that will take the leading role and leadership in this area, according to al-Bayati, who emphasized the release of dozens of important laws that have worked to support the sector, refreshed in previous years, a law to protect national products, and the law of antitrust and consumer protection law, and the Investment Law No. (13) for the year 2006, as amended, and the law of private investment in oil refining raw number (64) for the year 2007. He said al-Bayati said the state across the public sector still dominates the total economic activity in Iraq is still the role of the private sector absent, but the researcher denied that the absence or marginalization of the role of the private sector deliberate, stressing that the conditions experienced by the country and the deterioration of security and lack of clarity of the economic vision and lack of energy all factors that led to the absence of the role of the private sector, also led to the escape of the Iraqi capital to neighboring countries and other countries to invest in them.
He called al-Bayati, the private sector to be looking diligently for the ports that allow it to production, competition and the occupation of advanced positions in the national economy through its contribution to GDP, stressing that the private sector to promote himself first, and that the initiator is also known about him, indicating that this is done by providing an economic environment favorable to permanence and stability of economic and political allow expectations, and re-characterization of economic functions between the public and private sectors, and to activate the application of economic laws that have been its legislation, and the evolution of the banking system and adapted to be more adapted to the changes the new and economic variables to allow for provision of facilities and privileges to the sector private in order to activate its role in economic activity and contribute to achieve not only economic development and social development but also social.