Vice chest: to give powers to the provinces and resolve some of the service ministries of the best regions
On: Sat 29/10/2011 11:53

Baghdad (news) .. The leader of the free mass of the Sadrist movement and the MP / National Alliance / Rafi Abd al-Jabbar, said that given the powers to the provinces and resolve some of the best service ministries to go to the regions.
It is expected that the politicians take other provinces Salahuddin province-by-step transfer to the territory of their provinces, to the marginalization experienced by the provinces of services and lack of security and stability.
Abdul-Jabbar said in a statement (for the Agency news) on Saturday: The vote of the Salahuddin province, making the conservative regions, the step hasty, explained that there were reasons prompted the Council to make this decision, it is possible to resort to dialogue with the federal government for the purpose of solving their problems.
The MP for the National: The tendency to be decentralized to the provinces and given the powers of the resolution of certain service ministries and transfer funds to the provinces, the best of the regions, pointing out: that the Declaration regions signs of breaking up Iraq and not autism, and do not serve the unity of the Iraqi people.
Earlier, the President / block Iraqi white / parliamentary deputy for the province of Salah al-Din al-Jubouri Qutaiba, provincial board members to reverse their decision to transfer the latter to the Salahuddin province.
Jubouri said (the news): The justifications announced by the province of Salahuddin, about the region, it was possible to sit at the table of dialogue with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as primarily responsible for the central government and find solutions, calling on members of the provincial council to reverse their decision last transfer of Salah al-Din to the territory, and not to be conservative the first spark to divide the country.
The Iraqi MP White: The members of the provincial council voted on this subject the absence of the President of the Provincial Council to perform Hajj, as well as without the knowledge of the two parliaments for the province, stressing the need to hold an emergency meeting between Maliki and members of the provincial council to take the Council's demands, and pressure them to reverse this the decision. tml