100 billion dollars for the reconstruction of Iraq
(Article brought in from Charles Bright in the Facebook Group)

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced Tuesday the launch of the “national document” for the reconstruction of the country worth 100 billion dollars.
He quoted “Alsumaria News” Abadi told a press conference: “Iraq has returned strongly to the international community by calculated steps.”

On the security situation, Abadi added: “We started the procedures of inventorying weapons by the state. There is cooperation from citizens to report on the whereabouts of the weapons.” We stressed the security authorities to hold those who fired live ammunition and our responsibility to protect citizens.

It is noteworthy that the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers confirmed, Sunday, December 31 last that the reconstruction program in Iraq will cover all the provinces, and this has become a primary objective of the directives of Abadi.

According to Abadi, the value of exports of the Kurdistan region of oil during the past three months to two trillion dinars, while pointing to a “problem” in the numbers of employees in the region.

Abadi said: “The region promised to provide accounts for its revenues during this year there is a problem in the numbers of employees in Kurdistan, but that does not prevent the payment of salaries.”

He pointed out that “the Kurdistan region gets more than 80% of the value of salaries of its employees of oil revenues.”

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