World markets receive 2018 with three economic events

NEW YORK (Reuters ) - Global markets will start trading on Tuesday after Monday's holiday in early 2018. Markets will resume after the "Christmas" calm over the past week, with US jobs data and eurozone inflation reported. Weekend holiday in Japan The public holiday will continue until the end of Wednesday, and will resume trading starting next Thursday, where there is a celebration of what is known as the holiday "4 days in banks." In the year 2017, Japan's Nikkei rose nearly 20 percent. The Dow Jones Industrial Average posted an annual gain of 25.1 percent. The Standard & Poor's Index was the best performer since 2013; in Europe, Year 2013. Inflation in the euro area

The euro zone is due to announce inflation data for the month of December, with economic activity expected to slow again.
The eurozone consumer price index rose by 1.5 percent in November, while core inflation, which excludes food and energy prices, remained unchanged at 0.9 percent. December's forecast showed eurozone inflation was slowing at 1.4 percent. US Jobs Data In the US, the monthly job report will be released on Friday, revealing the unemployment rate and the number of jobs added by the economy in December. On the unemployment level, expectations are that it will stabilize at 4.1 percent.

As for the number of jobs added, the expectations are negative to retreat to 189 thousand jobs, compared to 228 thousand new jobs in November. Federal Reserve Minutes The Federal Reserve will unveil the minutes of the last meeting in December next Wednesday . The US central bank decided in December to raise its interest rate for the last time and the third in 2017 to a level of 1.25 to 1.50 percent. The Fed will release its meeting minutes two weeks after the monetary policy meeting; and the new Fed chairman Jerome Powell is due to take office in February.