Iraq revives Jordanian economy

November 20, 2017

Baghdad - Agencies

The growth forecast for the Jordanian economy is expected to rise to 3.0% next year, according to forecasts published by BMI on Monday.

The economic growth of Jordan next year, despite the economic problems and growing numbers of refugees, is due to the stability of the region after the defeat of the terrorist organization and the reopening of the crossing of "Trebil and Karma", the AMON newspaper said. Which will increase Jordan's exports to Iraq, thereby boosting its economy.

An Iraqi-Jordanian joint statement announced in early September the reopening of the border crossing between the two countries after a closure that lasted more than three years.

It is noteworthy that the Kingdom of Jordan is experiencing economic difficulties for years, has raised unemployment rates and high prices in the country, especially after the sourness of its export market to Iraq, because of the poor security conditions experienced by the border areas between the two countries.