Energy UAE is seeking to invest in oil and gas Kurdistan
28/10/2011 12:09

Erbil, 28 October / October (Rn) - The Managing Director of UAE energy firm, which has investments worth billions of dollars in Europe, Canada and Africa, seeking to invest in oil and gas province of Kurdistan, according to the website "Blombarak" American.
The Web site published a story quoting Karl Sheldon in a press statement that "the energy company, the UAE is seeking to invest in oil and gas province of Kurdistan," adding that "the company reached an agreement with Western Zagros working in the field of oil in the region to contribute to the capital of the last amount $ 46 million U.S. in conjunction with the purchase of the shares of energy 19.9 and Western Zagros. "
The energy company, the UAE was established in 2005, before taking over large portions of the energy sector and water in the United Arab Emirates, along with plans to invest tens of billions of dollars in both Canada and the Netherlands, Morocco and Ghana. "

The number of oil wells in the Kurdistan Region of 40 wells, while the region sits on the reserve of crude oil is estimated at 45 billion barrels and 100 to 200 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, putting the region in the category of large oil-producing countries.